Nlog database not working

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Admin
This comment has been minimized. When using NLog on web sites most notably in SharePoint or in HttpModules, Ive noticed some problems with file logging. I'm able to log to a file using NLog, but the database is not created and if I create it manually, doesn't log anything. I'm able log file using nlog, database not created, if create manually, doesn't log anything.

NET issue, rather, it is an NLog configuration issue.

From what I gather in that posting you have not correctly specified the value for the dbProvider property. Internal log file is working fine. Let me know if you can get a solution working for logging to a SQL Server database. So I found myself looking for a good database configuration which matches some basic needs.
I tried connection and record data on database by SqlConnection. NLog is a logging framework that is used to add logging capabilities to a. Config file is the same as in the previous post, with no database connection string configured. Not working after deployement to iis, orking in debug mode. Config are the packages am using. And i have added SqlClient ddls from nuget. The database one is not working.