How many vertebrae are there in the whole spine

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The atlas is the first cervical vertebra--the one that sits between the skull and the rest of the spine. The Lumbar section of the back consists of the five lowest vertabre in the back.
How many vertebrae are in a whale's spine. Usually there are five lumbar vertebrae, but some people are born with six. What is typical and atypical vertebrae in human vertebrae. How many ribs are there in the body. In the thoracic region, the spinous process of each vertebra extends to the level of at least the body of the vertebra below. How many vertebrae do giant skeleton spines have. Scroll down to read the explanation.

A spinal segment is made up of two vertebrae attached together by ligaments, with a soft disc separating them.

The atlas sits on top of the second cervical vertebra, the axis. How many types of tissues are there in the human body. The human spine is made up of three parts, the cervical spineneck, the thoracicmiddle, and the lumbar lower back. How many vertebrae in a fish's spine. How Many Vertebrae are there in the lumbar spine.