Jay z and kanye west lyrics why i love you

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Marlana
Me or the money, what you loyal to. In the sky for you We waiting for the fireworks like.
Gotta separate from these fkin fakes Caesar didnt see it so he ceased to exist So the nia that killed him had keys to his sht Am I my brothers keeper. This song takes it a step further by telling listeners you could be your own king but instead you are just the churches soldier. More Kanye West Jay Z song meanings. Every Lyric From Cardi B's Debut Album 'Invasion of Privacy'. Why I Love You is the closing song of Watch the Throne. He is speaking to God, Ooo I love you so, but why I love you I'll never know. Why I Love You feat Kanye West traduction de Jay-Z.
Why I Love You feat Kanye West. Maybe too much of a good thing, huh. This coincides with the song No church in the wild Point being churches are unnatural and unnecessary. Accueil J Jay-Z traduction de Why I Love You feat Kanye West lyrics in English. Fiche traduction Why I Love You feat Kanye West Jay-Z. What does Kanye West Jay Z's song Why I Love You mean.