How to say orange color in spanish

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Did the color orange originate from the orange fruit. Spanish words for orange grove include orange Grove and naranjal.

How Do You Say Orange in Spanish.

How to say 'orange grove' in Spanish. How to say Orange in Other Languages. How do you say the color orange in spanish.
Typically, the word naranja is used to refer to the fruit, while anaranjado is used to refer to the color. How do you say orange in spanish. Others say they are interchangeable for color. Heres a brief guide to the colors in Spanish, and how to pronounce them. Then learn Spainsh at a Language School in Spain. De color naranja y anaranjado Still others, and, at least, one dictionary says anaranjado means orangey or orangish or a shade of orange. If you're just learning how to speak Spanish, words for basic colors may be some of the first words you learn.