How to pick the right foundation shade for your skin tone

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Wes
When people test lipstick, they often try it out on the back of their hand. Have you bought a beautiful lipstick from the store, only to find that the colour does not suit your complexion at all. But, the colour of your hand is.
To help make finding your foundation match a little easier, its all about knowing your skin tone. Its important to use the right shade, because the wrong foundation can look obvious and unnatural, and it wont create the proper canvas for the rest of your cosmetics. Bright orange and pinkish reds are an absolute no-no for your skin tone. Brown and berry shades will look quite flattering on you. Well, the secret of picking out the correct lipstick colour that suits your skin tone lies on your finger tips, literally. If you liked this article, follow it up by reading our article, How to Even Out the Look of Your Skin Tone with Makeup. Then, let's find your lipstick match.
A great lipstick makes you feel complete, but the lipstick that complements your skin tone takes you to the next level. Nope, it turns out its not quite as simple as holding a foundation up to your face and seeing what looks goodor swatching one on the back of your hand. But especially for the dark skins, this colour range is a free-for-all.