How to obtain a driving licence check code

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Freda
You can also apply for a licence check code by post. This service is also available in Welsh Cymraeg.

Its a criminal offence to obtain someone elses personal information without their permission.

It is very easy and quick to obtain a licence check code. A licence check code is in essence a snapshot of your full driving history. You can only use the code once - you have to get another code to do another check.

A UK driver's licence doesn't provide your full driving record, which is why as a UK driver, you will be asked for a licence check code.

The postcode on your driving licence. This is to ensure that the license youve provided is still up to date and also verifies the copy youve provided. Rental companies like to know that the people driving their vehicles are responsible drivers with a clean record. Use a different service if you want to view your own driving record or generate a check code. Youll still need your Driving licence, National Insurance Number and postcode. Other Ways To Share Your Licence. This guide will quickly show you how to obtain a license check code.