How to make a hair bow out of a dollar bill

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Bryce
There are no tools are supplies necessary, just your fingers and a dollar bill. A fresh, crisp dollar bill would perform best with all the folds. We are taught how to make a unique bow tie from an ordinary dollar bill in just a few short steps. A skinny dollar bill bow tie gives you a more old fashioned looking bow tie that is long and thin and has a small, square center.
A five-euro bill may be too smal. First fold the dollar bill in half hamburger style. Flatten it out and there you have in your hand a bow tie, created in just a few minutes from a dollar bill.

Shows you how to make a bow-tie from a dollar bill although any bill can be used.

Make a Tragedy and Comedy Mask Out of Paper. Making a Skinny Dollar Bill Bow Tie. Pull out while grasping the middle. It seems far more impressive if you can yank a dollar from your friend and create a shirt on the fly. Opening the sides it forms a 'tent' like fold on either side. Dollar bill bow ties make great party favors and are sure to fetch compliments and attention when you wear them around the town.