Dr dabber light how to use

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Kirstin
The titanium heating element isn't the only impressive feature found in the design. Swipe up in our story to get your tickets. Dabber products are not designed as smoking cessation devices and cannot be used with e-liquids or any other nicotine product. This is the Dr Dabber Light vape pen and its not too much bigger than a cigarette.

It actually comes apart into a few different pieces like most pens.

Because of its size, you can easily conceal it but still get a potent punch, perfect for those vapers who want to use concentrates while on-the-go with little or no attention at all. Now whats very interesting about the Light is that the coil inside of it is pretty much like a mini version of the Ghost coil, which I really like. Some people simply find it interesting to watch the vapor rise, while others like to be able to see how pure and clean the vapor looks. I just find this to be a very versatile, easy to use pen in a variety of situations and circumstances. Plus, titanium is far more resistant to breakage than other metals, allowing the Dr Dabber vaporizers to stand the test of time. The overall experience that you get from a pen with a coil like this one is really cool.
As a result, the Dr Dabber Light and Ghost reach optimal temperature gradually. The performance and the vapor quality is very similar, its basically on the same level. Also, the glass globe helps to ensure a better-tasting vape, as it does not contain contaminants like other types of materials. Aside from the compact and lightweight design, what makes Dr. Both dab pens also have a specialized heating chamber design in which the heating coil sits much lower than the standard pos. You have the mouthpiece tip you can just pull out, its held in by a little o-ring.