Checking external toolchain settings cannot execute cross compiler

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Grady
Because of some king of bug very similar to described here I'm forced to use cross compiler. I have cygwin and MS Visual Studio installed.
Cmake modules, which rely on executing a binary tool like pkg-config may have problems, since the pkg-config of the target platform cannot be executed on the host. Checking for arm-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc. How do I tell autotools to not check this.
By doing so I avoid runtime errors. All i really need is the dnsmasq binary to use the espressobin board as a router, which i didnt find in the precompiled download from this. How to enable Autocomplete in vim or vim Intellisense. But this thing refuses to work. I'm trying to cross compile rust for a mipsel target using a poky toolchain. Maybe you forgot to setup the environment.