What is latent heat of fusion and vaporization

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Paula
We are adding more heat to the water but the temperature doesn't increase, the heat causes a phase change to occur and the water vaporizes. L is the latent heat of fusion or vaporization.
Till the ice cubes have melted entirely, the sample in the beaker will experience no rise in temperature. If you want a specific number, be specific about the substance. Side by Side Comparison Latent Heat of Fusion vs Vaporization in Tabular. The graph below shows the two state changes of water and their corresponding temperature changes. This is what we call latent heat of vaporization.
This is a number similar to the specific heat, but instead of telling you how much hea. We investigate why Home Depot is better than Lowe's. The more mass you have then the more heat you have to add. If you remember, while heating a cube of ice, there is a short span of time when there is no change in temperature in spite of continued heating. This is not a measurable change like with temperature so we call it latent heat. Likewise, there are some differences between the two chemical concepts. Vapor phase at a constant temperature.