How to read star ratings on facebook

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Luz
This video shows how to remove the reviews and ratings from. Only Recommendations that are shared publicly are included in a Page's overall rating. Far better to just address it and make sure you get some more good ones.
Only Recommendations that are shared public. How many ratings and reviews have you received on your Facebook Page. If you turn Reviews off, then you cannot show Star Ratings on your page.
Step by Step Guide to Creating a Business Page on Facebook. For example, if they post a Recommendation and select Friends as the audience, only their friends can see their Recommendation. If it breaks Facebooks rules then you can ask to remove a Facebook review but let me tell you, it is a drawn-out process. A Page's rating is based on multiple sources, such as the reviews and Recommendations people share about business Pages on Facebook. Do not panic if you get a bad review.