How do you beat level 76 on 100 floors

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Rosalee
It can gets too difficult in some parts, but now that youve find us. How Do I Help The Squeak On The Floor How Do I Fix. Fill up the white square area completely with the shaped pieces. Wait until he falls asleep then press the green elevator button.

Basically, the idea is that every wooden block in the puzzle will have to end in the exact opposite corner and the ones in the middle will have to swap positions.

Move the tiles so they form a square and insert the panel from your inventory. Marbling In Angus Beef Marbling Australian Wagyu. Why didnt gameteep just explain how to move it Im still so confused.
This is a very fun game that make you keep thinking and finding the way to go up to the upper floor. See you next time with more walkthroughs hints and solutions. Put the lever into the middle of the door and start spinning it until the lights are on and the door opens.