Safari google search suggestions not working

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Ray
If all are not working then you need to upgrade your Safari browser. Safari is not working on iphone. Google search doesn't work on iphone. Except my network connection is fine and all other web pages open just fine.
Gmail won't work because JavaScript is disabled in your web browser If you see this message, turn on JavaScript, then refresh the page. Google search not working safari. The major problem is that Google Font doesn't seem to be loading under Safari. Because I'm using the exact code given on. Is there any way to change google field language. That similar problems have occured before. If you still have problems with launching Safari or Safari crashing, please contact Apple Genius or Support.
But the built in google search bar is still not working and google maps is not connecting. Fr but the suggestions are not in my local language. After upgrade your problem will be automatically solved.