Raspberry pi startx connection to x server lost

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Kristin
After that I configured it so I can access it over network. It's for a school project, so I have to use Pure Data, which I recently discovered has no real way to read Wii-mote input. I have installed Raspbian, used the command startx, and it worked. How do I prevent startx from running automatically on login.

I have my SD set -used pi filler and image raspbian jessie.

You can imagine how impossible this is to Google. However, I did download the zip Raspbian Jessie Lite usually I have done the full desktop image, not lite After I log in as pi I want to get to my GUI. Get all things ready to connect Raspberry Pi to laptop PC. I spend way too much time trying to find a quick and simple guide online after messing up my card. I can see it has an IP address. Here is a simple guide on how to connect a headless no display, no keyboard Raspberry Pi to a laptop PC. So I logged in as root and I can browse through files.
I have a problem with my raspberry. I assume this is my uderlying problem. I have tried several things but just cant get the Kali gui to boot up. I am a total newbie to Linux but am learning fast. Will use C as a w'workaround' for now. If you are not running an X-server that might account for the PC actively refusing a connection to it.