How to treat a corn on the bottom of my foot

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Admin
If you stand or walk for long periods of time, the weight of your body and the constant friction can also cause painful corns on the bottoms of your feet. You wouldnt have to spend a lot to treat corn on bottom foot because all these home remedies can be found in your kitchen itself.

A podiatrist can remove corns and callus with a scalpel, this is usually a painless experience.

It havent shaped out yet so that i can pluck it out. Possible causes of corns can be poorly fitted shoes, walking barefoot or not wearing socks. In many cases corns and callus can be prevented.

KOH Examination of Hairs, Nails and Skin Lesions.

That will keep it in place because any type of dressing on the foot tends to shift when you are walking, its happened to me a Zillion times. You just have to focus on the steps that weve mentioned. Try home remedies for the healthy foot.