How to open a ps3 hard drive in windows

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Nella
On the other hand, the prices of large-sized HDD are come affordable recently. Open the Finder, then select your hard drive. In the Volume Format section select MS-DOS FAT. Pull the two cables inside of the hard drive bay out.
On the right Select either the Erase or the Partition tab if you want to partition your drive. Place the side or back panel aside. If not, like in most instances, turn to third party partitioning software. Place the hard-drive tray on a table.
I remove the hard drive from the. Plug the hard drive into your computer. Formatting the Hard Drive on Windows. Remove the screw from the upper corner of a hard-disk tray inside an empty hard-drive bay with the Phillips jewelers screwdriver. You may complete this solution by means of an external hard drive. Go for MS-DOS, as you want to use it with a MicroSoft product, this should at least get it to show up in Windows. Remove the screws from both sides of the hard drive tray with the Phillips jewelers screwdriver.