How do you open the navigation pane in microsoft word 2010

Posted on 26.05.2019 by Admin
To add an item to your queue just click the sign next to the video. When you do scroll through your document, Word highlights the page youre on in the Navigation pane to show you where you are.
Once you've added a video visit My Queue to start watching. To open the Navigation pane, press CtrlF, or click View Navigation Pane. In the Navigation pane, click the Headings tab. It has what was referred to as the Document Map. Ihor wonders how he can make sure it is always displayed. That will bring you to the default Template location, and you will see Normal. Your answer does not refer to the Navigation Pane, and I tried it anyway.
Covers how the Pane can be used to find instances of words. If youve applied heading styles to the headings in the body of your document, those headings appear in the Navigation pane. It can be difficult to see when changes have been made in situations like this, so it can be helpful to use the track changes feature in the program.