Fetal fibronectin test how long for results

Posted on 06.06.2018 by Melina
Heres what a few of them had to say about the tests usefulness, and how it compares to other methods of assessing preterm labor risk. A negative result on the fFN test means it's highly unlikely that you'll give birth in the next week or two, which can set your mind at ease and allow.
The fetal fibronectin fFN test can't tell you for sure that you are in labor, but it can tell you that you're not. Learn why the fFN Fetal Fibronectin Test is the most powerful predictor of preterm birth. Clinicians from throughout the country are discovering the benefits of fetal fibronectin. A small percentage of women who get the test will get a positive result, indicating that the body is leaking fetal fibronectin. FFN helps him determine which patients need to be hospitalized and for how long. He says that a negative test result allows him to be less aggressive with tocolytics and hospitalization than he otherwise would be. How many women have access to fetal fibronectin fFN testing.
How Long it Takes to Get Pregnant. This is useful because in the early stages of preterm labor, it's very difficult to tell if a woman really is in labor based on her symptoms and a pelvic exam. Fetal fibronectin is a glue-like protein your body produces to help hold your baby in place. When fFN testing is performed on patients with symptoms of preterm labor, the test results return as either negative or positive.