What is the logistics term that signifies the price charged for freight transportation

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Rosalva
The term may be used irrespective of the mode of transport. Destination charges differ from port to port. Medium-volume services serve the spoke-to-hub collection and hub-to-spoke distribution tasks. It is the difference between the number of tons of water a vessel displaces light empty and the number of tons it displaces when submerged to the load line.

Freight Transportation Service Spectrum.

Rates are the price of transportation services paid by their users. These charges are not included in the freight charge and usually take the form of a flat fee. Accounting method of valuing inventory that assumes latest goods purchased are first goods used during accounting period.
They may not necessarily express the real transport costs. Do you have questions about the destination charges of the destination port and shipping line you are using. Total expense of receiving goods at place of retail sale, including retail purchase price and transportation charges.