Paul tudor jones ii why we need to rethink capitalism

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Jonna
Paul Tudor Jones presents his solution to avoid the collapse of our civilization. By measuring corporate success by a variety of social benchmarks, the Just Index uses capitalisms own principles to reintroduce humanity into corporate behavior.

This is a story about capitalism.

And Im supposed to be a philanthropist. TagsEconomics, Economy, Video For Trader. And I realized we give one percent of corporate profits to charity every year. It hides the content It looks like an ad I trust only original links. Why Paul Tudor Jones II thinks capitalism needs to be rethought. I have talked about this issue of corporation before but this is not the main reason for which the mess that the world economy has got into.
CategoriesAwesome, Interesting. For me life is continuously being hungry. Does capitalism still work then. Modern American society holds corporate success to one standard profit generation. Its a system I love because of the successes and opportunities its afforded me and millions of others. It's a system I lovebecause of the successes and opportunities it's afforded me and millions of others.