How to register a foreign company in florida

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Irina
A corporation formed in another state is called a foreign corporation. Find a registered agent -- basically an official company representative --to act on behalf of your corporation. When operating in Florida, typically clients will register the Delaware company as a foreign entity in Florida. This does take away some privacy, however the business will still operate under Delawares law structure.

The business could be remotely managed from some other location while being registered in Florida, however, a work visa is a must for business management from within the US.

Also besides the state, the type of business also serves as the measure of the registration fee. How to register a company in south africa. Florida business laws require all corporations -- foreign or otherwise -- to have a registered agent and a registered office. This person is responsible for receiving important information on behalf of the business.
We can help you prepare the application, obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware and file all the necessary documents in Florida. Its a major tourist draw families to the resorts, college students to the beaches and one of the biggest retirement and winter destinations in the country for both Americans and Canadians. How to register a tour company in kenya. Obtain an original copy of your company's articles of incorporation.