Trrd memory setting

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
I have played around with the settings to get the best 's but im not sure what to set Trrd Trc Trfc Trwt. These parameters specify the latencies time delays that affect speed of random access memory. Advanced Memory Settings - tRRD Auto tRC Auto tWR Auto tWTR Auto tREF Auto tRD Auto tRFC Auto Async Latency Auto. Allows you to set tCL CAS Latency.

The following items become user-configurable when the Memory Timing Setting item is.

Allows you to set the row precharge time Precharge-to-Active or Auto-Refresh of the. Ok, thats looser than the spec speed, and many motherboard will do that if you let them. They are commonly written as four numbers separated with dashes. Don't know what they should be.

Even if you are using an existing Altera preset, you may need to modify some parameters if you are clocking at a lower frequency than the maximum frequency for the memory speed grade being used.

In addition, the Program Memory, Configuration Memory, and the Program Memory Range fields are disabled. To determine the settings that are best suited for your environment, performance testing is advised. Allows you set the minimum RAS active time.