How to color hair naturally without henna

Posted on 08.06.2018 by Admin
It also means it is easier to dye your hair unevenly, as hai. Rather than obscuring your natural hair color, henna blends with it. Because grey hair is translucent, it creates a cleaner canvas for henna.
Keep in mind that very light colored hair will probably need to be dyed multiple times to become dark. Peroxide will lighten quickly without the worry of drying out like commercial hair bleaches. You can purchase Henna to make it red, indigo to make it black or cassia to condition without color.

On most hair, henna will only darken, but on very dark brown or black hair, henna can lighten and leave reddish highlights.

This is the process that I do to keep my hair color nice and dark. When talking about how to lighten hair naturally, I should point out that results can and will vary. Everyones hair is different and will absorb color or lose color at different rates. I might mention how to color hair at home with food coloring but this video is more about natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables most.