How do you create master account for the playstation network

Posted on 22.07.2018 by Dagny
Your Sign-In ID allows you to sign in to PlayStationNetwork and other participating Sony group services. Select Master Account when given the option of what type of account is to be created. For more awesome PlayStation stuff, visit our forums at community. It's free to create an account and you do not need to provide any payment details.

Go to the PlayStation Network portion of the menu and you'll have the sign up for the playstation network symbol again.

Create an Account Sign Up Now and follow the onscreen instructions. Do you have questions about create master account playstation network. The sign-in ID should be a valid e.
How do you create for an account on PlayStation Network. Enter a sign-in ID and password. Sign it up as a master account and fudge the age a bit. You must accept to continue in the creation of the account. The User Agreement and Privacy Policy should appear. You may find that youll need to update the system software. For, The following video tutorial describes how to create a new PlayStation Network Master Account.