Nikon d3100 settings for outdoor portraits

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Tracy
To see whether you approve of how your camera approaches the different scenes, take some test shots. So in Portrait mode, the camera selects settings that can produce that type of background. The others are composition, sunject matter. Great information as usual thanks Joe.

Its a late afternoon wedding in s garden.

If you have a little more time on your hands, you can use Guide modes to capture even more specific subjects or scenes. Keep shooting and remember to always shoot RAW. Remember, its always better to get the shot rather than missing the shot completely. For example, most people prefer portraits that have softly focused backgrounds. What you need to do is spend the next few years mastering the art of photography. It's the Photographer the Photo Story. Enjoying Photography for Beginners.
It is faster and more intuitive to change the camera settings with dedicated buttons and knobs instead delving into the menus on the LCD. The landscape scene mode will automatically choose many of the same settings mentioned above high aperture f-number, low ISO, etc in order to put the entire scene into focus. Heres a recap of the settings I used Aperture Priority mode A on the mode dial.