How to use bamboo steamer in wok

Posted on 01.07.2018 by Caprice
A wok makes the perfect steaming tool, by placing a wok half filled with water on the hob, place your bamboo steamer onto the wok so that it fits comfortably. Put the mat or steamer paper in the bamboo steamer.

To get steaming, you will need to place the bamboo steamer over a pot of hot water.

Whats the difference between bamboo and usual steamer. And put the steamer on the wok. When you place your steamer int. Steaming is a much gentler and hea. There are some personal experience for reference.
You know there will lots of vapors in the inner wall of the steamer when we are cooking. I show you how to use a bamboo steamer for a healthier cooking method. Pay attention to the change of the water to avoid dry out. How to Use a Bamboo Veggie Steamer. Usually there are two kinds of steamers.