How to get 100 likes on a facebook status

Posted on 07.06.2018 by Admin
You must have a Facebook account set up before you can start posting. If you can become known for posting interesting and funny status updates, photos and videos, people will be more likely to stop and take notice when your name appears on their feed. HII friends, Now A Days Every One Dream Is To Be Famous On Facebook.

Making others to take action even if its just the click of a mouse is one of the most challenging things in life.

Facebook calls it the News Feed, and it is personalized to each user based on a variety of factors. Posting often increases your visibility on people's timelines, making it less possible for your posts to be overlooked or skimmed over. Now, lets head straight into business. Than OK let you know these are the sites which send Lakes on Profile from different accounts.

The more people who actually pay attention to what you're posting, the more people who'll be inclined to like each post.

I feel, its got to do with your popularity and the feel good factorYou can add more to the list. This site has over a million of users. Also, this site is rated well by its users. Just like Google, Facebook filters the posts that people see when they visit the site. You need to understand that getting more likes on facebook is playing with human psychology.