How to edit a intro into a video

Posted on 25.08.2018 by Olinda
So if you guys have any questions post it in the comments. How to add your own intro to your videos with a chromebookDaleWolfhardtSRT. How to Put Your Intro Into Your Video. No video-editing software or download.
I created this video with the Flash-Player Video Editor flash-player. Five seconds is the ideal length. Two different ways to put your intro into your youtube video. I'm not sure about iOS device but I know this will work for android. This is a follow-up to the video, How to Make an Intro For Your Video Like if u liked, subscribe for more and we will see you next time.
How to Make and Put Your Intro Into Your Video. Or, you can make your own intro in your video editing program. How to add a intro into your videos. Still WorksNot ClickbaitJoshewoo. Learn how to make a video intro for Flash-Player. How To Edit Videos On Your Phone. If your intro doesnt fit in with the content that follows it people will get confused, and if it lasts too long people will get bored and click away.