Connection pool settings in websphere

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
My EJB Application lately started frequently throwing. One must coordinate the values that you specify in WebSphere closely with the database administrator. Your Maximum Connections setting applies to each on. I have an application client that requires a number of database connections to Oracle.

We can specify the interval, after which a connection request times out and ConnectionWaitTimeoutException is thrown.

If clones are used, one data pool exists for each clone. If you clone these same application servers, WebSphere Application Server base implements a separate connection pool for each clone. If the Percent Used value is consistently low under normal workload, consider decreasing the number of connections in.
ConnectionWaitTimeoutException at com. My issue with this setting is that if websphere is checking the connection before it hands it to the app and it finds it to be stale we are not back to the same problem but at webpsheres level now. Hi, We are currently having staleconnection issues with our production environment. To view this page, the path depends on the type of resource, but generally you select an instance of the resou. Your configuration is highly dependent on application, network, and database characteristics. Connection Pool settings in an application client. The manner in which these settings are affected when message listener ports are configured to use the connection factory.