Campanula isophylla how to grow

Posted on 19.10.2018 by Nova
Campanula elatines garganica Usually flowers in June, violet-blue against fuzzy dark-green leaves. How To Care For Plants - Growing, Pest Diseases. Being native to the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere where it grows in moist soil of montane regions, it require exposure to light and airy conditions. Also this plant ca be grown well in pots.
From the Latin campanula, a little bell, hence the common name, Bellflower Campanulaceae. Is it necessary to graft or use vegetative reproduction. Calycanthema, the cup-and-saucer type. Campanula isophylla can bloom reasonably, well in a sunless window but only if they are stood on the sill. They are tough and hardy and will give you years of pleasure. What is the best way to start growing.

Campanula is easy to grow and care for.

How to grow Campanula kam-pan-u-la. These plants are tolerant of most soils and not susceptible to many diseases. It is a non-invasive plant and generally tidy when not in flower.